Also serving King George, & Stafford

Dr. Biscombe impressively efficent, informative and personable.  Obviously a winner!”

Paul Woods CDR USN (RET)

Dr. Mansouri, thank you. Great job!

Comment from Survey Participant

Dr. Mansouri is a miraculous doctor, very gifted.  Explains all and inspires confidence.

Mollie and Benjamin Flint

Dr Biscombe was a very caring doctor.  He did a thorough examination.

Kate Samuels

Dr. Mansouri’s the best!

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Before Dr. Coleman performed by Lasik surgery I was so farsighted that I had become nearsighted too.  Besides that, I had a strong astigmatism.  I wore contact lenses to see in the distance, although, that vision was still a little fuzzy at movie theaters and plays.  Then I put on glasses over my contact lenses in order to read.  Because my vision was so poor I didn’t even think I was a candidate for Lasik.

To make a long story short, I had an appointment with Jaime who did a thorough exam and found Lasik was an option for me.  He warned me that because I was so farsighted, I might still have to wear reading glasses but my distance vision would definetly be improved.  Than Margaret, who was always as helpful and friendly as Jaime, went over everything with me.  I met with Dr. Coleman who explained the risks and the benefits, then I had the surgery.  I went home, took a nap and then woke up to near perfect vision.  It was so strange to not have to grab a pair of glasses.

A year later I was seeing 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other.  Even though I could see very well I had a second operation to “tweak” my vision.  Today I type this without reading glasses.  I’m so glad I had this surgery.  I had worn glasses and contacts for twenty five years.  I just really like having this freedom.  I strongly recommend Access Eye Centers.  I now see 20/20!

Patrice Murphy

I decided to look into Lasik becuase I had been wearing glasses and contacts since the 3rd grade.  I was tired of the day to day hassle they caused.  I called Access Eye Centers and began my journey to freedom from glasses and contacts.  The entire staff was very friendly and comforting throughout every step.  The day of my procedure was very calm and Dr. Coleman and Jaime talked me through everything.  I am so appreciative of Access Eye Centers becuase they have helped me to become more confident and to live a life free of glasses and contacts.

Laura Ann Thompson

I am writing to tell you that Dr. Coleman and his associates are the most AWESOME people on this earth.  I am 52 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was in the 4th grade.  When I graduated from High School I received my first pair of contact lenses and moved on to monovision lenses when my eyes became progressively worse and the need for bifocals became apparent.  So I would switch between my hard lenses and my glasses, becoming increasingly unhappy with the way the glasses made me look.  I came in nervous, scared with tons of questions.  Everyone here helped me in calming my nerves and answered ALL my questions even when I asked the same ones over and over .

Dr. Coleman was great through the entire surgery, talking to me and telling me what exactly was going on; was I okay? did I feel discomfort?, etc.  After we were done he had me sit up and ….GEEZ…I could see!  Not just the clock on the opposite wall but the hands and the NUMBERS!!!!!!  I just burst into tears..I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!  I hadn’t seen that since I was a kid and now I could!!!!  It was amazing!!  My husband saw me crying and thought something was wrong.  But I just kept saying…”I could see” ….”I could see” and his eyes welled up with tears also.  Dr. Coleman’s staff, before as well as after surgery was equally concerned for me.  Making sure I was comfortable and that if I had ANY questions no matter what time I should call the doctor…even at HOME!!!  I was amazed!  I’ve never had a doctor do that…in all my life.

I am so glad I stopped in and asked all my questions!  I can see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 42 years and I wake every morning and can see what time it is without groping for my glasses.  Thanks so much to Dr. Coleman and his staff!

Evelyn Andrianos

John Stossel was right about LASIK surgeons.  Dr. Mansouri returned my call on a Saturday!

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Dear Doctor Mansouri, Thank you so much for your good care.  Everytime I think of you my heart fills with gratitude, for you were kind, efficent and caring.  And thanks to you I feel so much better.  May God bless you and your family.

Mrs. Josephine Bondoki

My name is Kevin Dunn.  On Halloween 2008 after being 20 / 600, since I was 10.  I decided to get Lasik done.  The professional tests before, during, and after procedure were second to none.  I am a single parent of 2 small children.  This has changed my life, after 24 hours, I could see clearly  to my complete amazement.  The time wasting, finding contacts and glasses, I have now with my children.  No more glasses at night while driving, no more tripping or falling because I can’t see.

I was 20 / 20 and 20 / 25 in each eye after 24 hours, and now am 20 / 15 in both eyes.  I have no pain, no discomfort and no regrets except I should have done it 10 years ago.  Thank you staff for your complete dedication to making me feel comfortable in my worries about the procedure and I recommend any and all people interested in Lasik “get it done.” From daily routines to emergencies at night you have changed “my life”

P.S. Now I can see the golf ball but is hasn’t helped my game.  But I wasn’t that good before anyway. HAHA!

Kevin Dunn

My husband and I talked about doing the eye surgery for a long time. We really wanted the “laser” surgery for me. I got to a point where my nose and behind my ears hurt from the glasses and I was ready. It was painless and I can see soooo well!!!! I am so excited and happy with it that my husband will be having it soon.

Jean Klopp

Access Eye has good service – I love Dr. Mansouri.  He’s the best.

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My eye sight was 20/600 before Lasik…..It’s now 20/20 plus!  I can remember in Joiner High School being moved to the front of the classroom because I was unable to read the chalkboards.  At seventeen when I started driving is when wearing prescription eye glasses became my everyday norm.  I’m now 49 years old and have been wearing glasses for over 31 years.  I’ve grown to hate wearing glasses, plus my nose and ears were hurting from the weight of my prescription.

I had been seeing Dr. Mansouri for about eight years now, and during a regular office visit Dr. Mansouri asked me if I have considered Lasik surgery.  I told him yes, but I did not think I was a candidate because of my cataracts.  After Dr. Mansouri explained how having cataracts affected my situation, I made a consultation appointment with the Lasik office.  Access Eye Center’s Lasik Director Jamie Goitia diligently took all the time necessary to make sure I was in-fact a candidate for Lasik, he made sure I was fully informed about all the many surgery options, and that all my questions or concerns were clearly answered.

I knew from the very beginning at my one-on-one consultation with Jamie Goitia that my eyes could not be in better hands.  The entire Access Eye Center’s Lasik team is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and sincerely concerned about each and every patient’s best interest.  The operation itself was painless and over in minutes and during the surgery Dr. Mansouri and Jamie Goitia calmly talked me through the procedure step-by-step, so any feelings of anxiety are quickly whisked away.  I do not like using corny phrases but; “This operation is truly a medical breakthrough”.  Two days after my operation I was at concert and I’ve been to the Grand Canyon since, truly amazed that I could see all the way across the canyon clearly.

It’s true when they say this operation will pay for itself in just a few years, I honestly wish I had some documentation regarding all the money I’ve spent on prescription glasses over the years.  Including money spent to repair or replace glasses early because lenses got scratched, or the frames broken.   I’ve lost glasses while swimming in the ocean, while going down tube slides in water parks, while tubing at local lakes, and while going through roller coaster loops.  The last few times I purchased glasses it cost me on an average of six hundred dollars, and the very last purchase before my Lasik operation it cost me about eight hundred dollars.  My prescription was heavy so I would order heavy-duty frames, and to get protection from the sun I would order transitions lenses, all this quickly adds up over time.

Thank you Dr. Mansouri and your wonderful team at Access Eye Centers for ridding me of those heavy coke-bottle glasses once and for-all!  If anyone is undecided about where to get this surgery done, let me reassure you Access Eye Center is the right place to go.  Save your decision making for the type of operation that best fits your lifestyle.

Richard Main

I want to say thank you for taking care of my eyes.  You all did a great job.  May God bless both of you in this great job you are doing for the patients.  Well done.  And thank you for the the kindness of all in the office.

Thank you!

Rosa Manning

I began wearing contact /  glasses in my mid thirties.  By my early 40’s I began to have to wear reading glasses with my contacts to read or do needlework.  About a year into the contacts – reading glasses combo, Dr. Santinga recommended mono-vision, wearing one contact to correct my distance vision of my dominant eye, and no correction on my other eye to be be able to see up close.  I adjusted quickly to this protocol and loved it.

Shortly after turning 50, my mid distance range began to increase in length.  It became so long that I had to switch to progressive lenses.  I HATED wearing glasses!  I didn’t like the fact that I could not see across my bedroom when I woke up in the morning.  In April 2008 I decided to look into laser vision correction.

At my first appointment with Jaime Goitia, he suggested the mono-vision once again, and as of June 2008, my distance vision in my corrected eye to better than perfect.  My only complaint is that I didn’t do this sooner!  Thank you Access Eye Center!

Mary Ann Sapp

After 12 years of wearing contact lenses, I was beaming with excitement and anticipation for my LASIK Eye Surgery.  As my surgery day approached, I began to feel a bit nervous but Jaime Goitia and Dr. Coleman’s attention to detail at my pre-op appointments put me at ease.  The surgery experience itself couldn’t have been easier.  WIthin a matter of minutes I sat up and could easily read the time on the clock; something I could have never done without glasses or contacts before LASIK.  The scope of my new vision didn’t hit me until I was driving to my post-op appointment the morning after surgery.

From the leaves on trees, to street signs and license plates; I was seeing things like I’d never seen them before.  As the days went by, my vision continued to sharpen.  Now, it’s like I have high definition eyes!  From my one-on-one, free consultation to the post-op I know I couldn’t have placed my eyes in better hands.  With a variety of technologies including iLASIK, Custom Vue LASIK, Blade-Free LASIK, and PRK Access Eye Centers is sure to have a procedure that’s right for you.  Let Access Eye Centers improve your life the way they’ve helped me improve mine!


Dear Special Angel,

Thank you so much for the glasses. You made me so happy because I really
wanted them. Now everyone will think I look cool. You made my day.



*Glasses donated by the staff at Access Eye Centers

Zachary, age 5

Very pleased in my experience visiting the office.  Dr. Mansouri is one of the best; friendly, professional, caring and handsome.

Comment from Survey Participant

With Access Eye Centers I could not have been in better hands. The entire Access Eye team were professional, caring and knowledgeable. If anyone is uneasy and not sure if lasik is right for them, let me re-assure you, from my own personal experience, I could not have placed my “eyes” in better hands. Everything from start to finish was exceptional.

After my initial one on one consultation with Dr. Coleman, the procedure itself and the professional and caring follow-ups, I knew I had placed my eyes in gifted hands. After 25 years of eyeglasses and 10 years of contact lenses I’m now free of the downsides, in fact I’m now exercising and gardening without the use of those aids. The only time my eyesight became blurred was the following morning after the procedure. I immediately sprang up and peered intensely at my alarm clock and for the first time in 25 years I read aloud every number on the clock. My eyes were blurred from tears of joy. I never thought an alarm clock could look so beautiful.

As the days have gone by my sight has gotten even sharper. And for the first time in my adult life I’ve purchased not 1 but 3 pairs of non prescription sunglasses. Everyone that asks me about my procedure, I tell them that my procedure was a medical miracle. I was delighted with all aspects of my treatment and aftercare. Anyone considering LASIK should strongly consider Access Eye Centers. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Wilbur Dargan

The care I received was by far the best.  The staff is the finest in Fredericksburg and Dr. Mansouri is a godsend to all who need his care.

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