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Times You Should Never Wear Your Contacts

Millions of people wear Contact Lenses. But not everyone who wears contacts follows safety protocol as diligently as they should. Wearing contact lenses affords users many benefits. But anyone who wears their contacts at improper times puts their eyes at risk for a host of problems, ranging from minor irritations to vision loss. If you wear […]

Keeping Dry Eye Symptoms Under Control At Night

Some people with chronic dry eye notice that their symptoms become worse at night. There could be a variety of reasons for this, including fatigue from using your eyes all day, changes in your metabolism at night, and certain medical conditions. In this post, the team at Access Eye discusses how to keep your dry eye symptoms […]

Do Certain Eye Diseases Run in Families?

Some eye diseases may be at least partially attributed to genetic factors. Other factors—including lifestyle choices — may also play a role, but you may have a higher risk of glaucoma or macular degeneration if your family members have had these diseases. In this post, the team at Access Eye explains how certain eye diseases […]

Can Wearing Cheap Eyewear Hurt Your Eyes?

You’ve probably seen all types of eyewear available for bargain prices online or in discount stores. It may look like you’re getting a quality product, but these deals aren’t always what they appear to be. You may be wondering what the potential downsides are of wearing cheap glasses. In this post, the team at Access Eye discusses […]

Buying Eyewear Online

Buying eyewear online offers convenience, limitless selection and deals that may seem too good to be true. However, there are also some significant risks to consider before making any online purchase. Buying eyewear from sites like Amazon or other online retailers is not advisable, because you could waste time and money on products that won’t […]

Causes and Treatments for Swollen Eyelids

When one or both of your eyelids is swollen, it affects more than just your appearance. Swollen eyelids can indicate a problem with your ocular health, and may be accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, such as itchy, red eyes, sensitivity to light, discharge and excess tear production. Depending on how severe the swelling is, it […]

Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Lifestyle

Sunglasses play a very important role in protecting your precious eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Every time you go outside, you should have a pair of sunglasses on hand. The glasses that you choose can say a lot about your personal identity, and enhance your lifestyle. Read on as the team at Access Eye […]

Protect Your Eyes At Work, At Home and At Play

The team at Access Eye cares deeply about our patients’ eye health and safety, and we are committed to helping patients avoid eye injuries at work, at home and at play. Most eye injuries can be prevented by taking some precautions and wearing the appropriate protective gear. Read on as we share our best tips […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Contact Lens Care

Taking good care of your contact lenses is critical to your eye health and vision. Not cleaning or handling your contact lenses properly can lead to infection and other eye problems that threaten your vision. Read on as Access Eye shares important do’s and don’ts of contact lens care. Do’s Do wash your hands thoroughly with […]

Qualities to Look for in an Eye Doctor

Choosing an eye doctor isn’t a decision you want to make lightly. Healthy eyes are an essential component of your daily functioning. And the eye doctor you choose will play a significant role in maintaining your eye health and the quality of your vision. Below the team at Access Eye shares their insights regarding the qualities you […]

How Vision Changes With Age

As you age, your body goes through all kinds of changes, including changes to your vision. A decline in eye performance can begin as early as your late thirties. While many age-related vision changes are perfectly normal and easily addressed, some conditions are more serious and can cause permanent damage. Below, the Access Eye team walks you […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Contacts

If you have a habit of sleeping in your contact lenses it would behoove you to stop. Most contact lens wearers have slept in their contacts at least a few times, but it’s always a bad idea. Not only do you run the risk of eye discomfort, but serious infections can occur. Read on as Access […]

Ophthalmologists versus Optometrists

Making the choice between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist isn’t easy. It’s an important decision, and it’s one you shouldn’t make lightly — after all, few things are more important than your vision. Making the right choice requires that you understand the differences between these two types of eye doctor. Below, Access Eye breaks down exactly what […]

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Glasses

After investing time and money into picking out the perfect pair of glasses, you undoubtedly want to protect your investment to the best of your abilities. Failing to properly clean your glasses can lead to a buildup of oil and dirt that obscures your view and possibly even scratches or damages your glasses. Although we’ve all […]

Signs You Should Schedule an Eye Exam

Professional eye exams are essential to clear vision and ocular health. The exams are an opportunity for an ophthalmologist or optometrist to not only evaluate your visual acuity but also look at the overall health of your eyes. An eye exam can catch a potentially serious eye problem in its early stages, when it is more easily […]

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 30 million people in the United States wear contact lenses to see clearly. However, many do not have any idea how contacts actually help them see. In this blog post, the team of knowledgeable optometrists at Access Eye talks about the science of achieving clear vision with contact […]

What Happens during an Eye Exam?

Regular eye exams should be a part of everyone’s visual health routine. Exams can reveal signs of eye problems in their early stages, when there may not be any noticeable symptoms and when they are more easily treated with non-invasive methods. These appointments can also give your eye doctor clues about other areas of your […]

Canned Goods For Eye Exams

Bring us a canned good for the Food Bank and receive an eye exam for $75. Kids will also receive a free polycarbonate lens upgrade. Please see our offices for more details.