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Presbyopia (aging eyes) is a progressive condition that causes near vision to fade with age.  Nearly 90 million Americans are over age 40-the dawning of “aging eyes”.  These people find it increasingly difficult to read, do hobby work or even see the time on a watch, without the aid of magnifying reading glasses.  More than half could benefit from NearVision CK.

For the risk-averse, NearVision CK is the treatment of choice.  When consumers over age 40 were asked if they would consider an elective procedure to reduce their dependence on glasses, a full 42 percent ranked CK their number-one choice, citing its non-invasive method and safety as the primary reasons for their preference.  Prior to CK, very few people between the ages of 40 to 60 have even considered vision treatment surgery, as they tend to be more conservative and risk-averse than their younger counterparts who flocked to LASIK.

NearVision CK is the only vision treatment specifically for Baby Boomers over the age of 45 who want freedom from their reading glasses.  NearVision CK uses gentle radio waves, instead of a laser or scalpel, to bring near vision back into focus.  CK is a safe minimally invasive procedure.  There is no cutting or removal or tissue.

NearVision CK doesn’t stop the clock from ticking, but it can turn back the hands so Baby Boomers can see near again.  Presbyopia is a progressive condition and therefore, patients may require additional treatments to maintain their vision.

You’re a candidate for NearVision CK if you’re over age 45, had great vision your whole life and now struggle with reading glasses.