Protect Your Eyes At Work, At Home and At Play

The team at Access Eye cares deeply about our patients’ eye health and safety, and we are committed to helping patients avoid eye injuries at work, at home and at play. Most eye injuries can be prevented by taking some precautions and wearing the appropriate protective gear. Read on as we share our best tips for protecting your eyes and avoiding an injury.

In the Workplace

Workplace eye injuries are common, particularly in environments where there is exposure to chemicals, radiation, bloodborne pathogens or projectiles (e.g., dust, wood, other debris or particles). Per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), you may be required to wear specific eye protection. Your human resources or OHSA compliance department can explain the appropriate eyewear based on your workplace and occupation.

Working on Home Projects

If you often work on home improvement or maintenance projects that involve projectiles, debris, particles or hazardous chemicals, you should wear protective eyewear like goggles or safety glasses. If you have children that like to help you with these projects, get them their own eyewear, too.

Keep your tools and equipment in good condition and replace or repair any damaged pieces. Secure items like paint, pesticides and fertilizers in a safe place. You should also be careful when using cleaning solutions, and try to handle them gently so they do not splash in your eyes.

Enjoying Sports and Hobbies

Contact and collision sports like basketball, baseball, hockey or racket sports present the highest risk of injuries. The type of protective gear you should wear depends on the specific activity. Some sports require eye protectors, some head and face protectors and others high-impact resistant eye protective devices. Check the requirements of the governing body in your sport and the American Society for Testing and Materials, which is involved in setting the standards for sports eye protection.

If you enjoy being a spectator at a sporting event, be cautious and alert, especially if you are close to the field or court. Watch for balls, bats and players unexpectedly entering your area.