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Itchy, runny and red eyes are another common reason why patients seek help at Access Eye. Although this may be due to many different causes, during the allergy season and especially in this geographic area, allergic conditions affecting the eye are common reasons for such presentations. It is important that the root cause of the problem be investigated early on.

We employ a very simple, quick, virtually painless skin scratch test (no needle) that evaluates for allergic reactions against many very common allergens in this region. The results not only help us manage the eye condition, they also can provide useful information for other health care professionals involved in your care.

The allergy testing results sometimes rule allergies OUT as a source of the symptoms, directing our search to different areas. Alternatively, if the results indicate you are allergic to only a few things, you can reduce your symptoms by avoiding them. If you experience multiple positive reactions to the allergy testing, you may be treated with systemic or local (eye drop) medications. We may advise you to consult with an allergist. A number of other recourses and treatments may also be applied.

-Dr. Arash Mansouri