B. Adrian Biscombe, O.D.

Dr. Adrian Biscombe’s journey into the world of optometry is a narrative deeply rooted in personal experience and a profound desire to make a difference. Inspired by his grandmother’s battle with blindness due to glaucoma, Dr. Biscombe transformed his passion for biology and his resolve to protect the gift of sight into a commendable career in optometry. His dedication has not only made him a pillar of the Access Eye team but also a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking to preserve their vision.

With a career spanning two decades at Access Eye, Dr. Biscombe has become the practice’s longest-standing optometrist, a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional care provided to patients. His expertise and compassionate approach have made him a beloved figure, particularly at the North Stafford office in Aquia Park, where he continues to offer his invaluable services.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Biscombe’s life is enriched by the joys of fatherhood. He takes immense pleasure in exploring the world of books and the treasures of Washington, D.C.’s libraries and museums with his two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Aleah. These shared moments of discovery and learning are not just bonding experiences but also reflect Dr. Biscombe’s love for knowledge and his desire to instill the same in his children.

An ardent sports enthusiast, Dr. Biscombe’s loyalty to the Washington Commanders speaks volumes about his team spirit and dedication. Meanwhile, his culinary ventures, especially his knack for baking banana bread, reveal a side of him that cherishes the warmth and comfort of home. Not to be overlooked, Dr. Biscombe’s occasional rendezvous with the piano showcases his appreciation for the arts and his multifaceted personality.

Dr. Biscombe’s story is one of inspiration, illustrating how personal challenges can fuel a lifelong mission to serve others. His professional achievements, coupled with his rich personal life, paint the picture of a man deeply committed to his family, his patients, and his community. At Access Eye, Dr. Biscombe is not just an optometrist; he’s a cherished member of the family, a dedicated father, and a role model for both his colleagues and patients alike.