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Are you concerned about hearing loss? Do you want to get your hearing tested? Hearing services are a fully integrated part of our practice. Our eyes and ears combine visual and auditory data every minute of every day.

This is essential to normal function.

Significant vision and hearing loss often occur together.

As part of your workup, our staff may perform a quick screening to see how your eyes and ears are functioning together. Based on that screening, your doctor may suggest a more complete exam.

The hearing screening is part of your visit. There is no charge. It is included for every patient every year.

What’s involved in a Hearing Evaluation?

Chris Adams, a licensed hearing instrument specialist at Access Eye, will perform the complimentary hearing evaluation. He will first check your ear canals to check for earwax or for reasons for an immediate referral to an Ear Nose Throat Specialist.

Chris will then test your hearing threshold, using Air Conduction Frequency Testing. Chris will play pure tone sounds that can be heard through earphones that you wear. You will simply push a button when you hear the tone. This enables Chris to graph your hearing loss, if any.

At Access Eye, the full evaluation involves not only Air Conduction, but also Speech and Bone Conduction Testing.

Why is hearing screening important to me?

Hearing loss affects between 25% and 40% of individuals age 65 and older and between 40% and 66% of individuals age 75 and older. Most hearing loss is related to prebycusis (the gradual loss of hearing that happens to most of us as we age.) Other risk factors include: exposure to regular, excessive noise; cerumen (ear wax) impaction; ototoxic medications; chronic otitis media and diseases that affect sensorineural hearing. *

Hearing loss can lead to miscommunication, social withdrawal, confusion, depression and deterioration in functional status. *

* The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, New York University, College of Nursing.