Why Dry Eye Strikes in the Winter

Dry Eye Treatment in Fredericksburg

It’s easy to find things to look forward to in the winter. From the crackling fireplaces to the glittering lights, winter can bring a feeling of warmth and joy. Unfortunately, winter can also lead to or worsen dry eye disease. If you are the one of the many who suffer from dry eye in the winter, then this article is for you. Here, the talented doctors at Access Eye discuss why dry eye strikes in the winter.

Cold Air and Wind

Winter storms bring cold air and wind. Cold air and wind dry out our eyes. While you may not be able to avoid the elements at all times, you can protect your eyes from the cold weather. Invest in a physical barrier like sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from the cold air and wind. Ask your ophthalmologist or optometrist about eye drops if your dry eye persists.

Dry Air

It’s no secret that the temperature drops in the winter. But did you know that winter air is not only colder but also dryer? Dry air can wreak havoc on eyes. Pay attention to how much moisture your eyes receive in the winter. You can help your eyes by using a humidifier when you are indoors.


It’s easy to remember to drink more water in the hot summer months. Water consumption tends to drop as the outside temperatures drop. Dehydration impacts your whole body, including your eyes. If you are suffering from dry eye, try increasing your water consumption to make sure you are hydrated.


We are exposed to a variety of allergens during the winter months, both inside and outside. Different types of allergies can contribute to dry eye. Most people spend more time indoors during the cold winter months. More time indoors increases exposure to indoor allergens like dust mites, mold and pet dander. If you have allergies, you may find that spending more time indoors causes dry eye and other unpleasant reactions.

Winter allergies can often be treated like other allergies. We perform allergy testing and treatment here in our offices.

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