What Does the New Normal Look Like at Access Eye?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is more under control and we enter the next phases of our lives, the safety of our patients remains of the utmost importance at Access Eye. Although we are making some adjustments based on the latest guidelines and scientific research, our patients can rest assured that safety measures are being taken for the ongoing safety of our patients, doctors and staff alike. Here is what our “new normal” looks like:

The Masks Stay On

While the Centers for Disease Control has loosened mask requirements in many situations, these changes do not apply to health care providers. Accordingly, the Access Eye team and our patients will continue to wear masks in our facility. Following these guidelines allows us to improve the health of our patients without subjecting them to unnecessary risks.

Fully Vaccinated

All of our ophthalmologists and optometrists have been vaccinated, so you can feel secure in the knowledge that the Access Eye team are extremely unlikely to have or be a vector for COVID-19.

Change in Screening Process

The staff at Access Eye will no longer be conducting temperature checks for our patients upon entry. However, we will continue to ask each patient screening questions about potential COVID-19 symptoms like fever or flu-like symptoms to limit the potential of exposure for everyone at our practice. If you have exhibited any of these symptoms recently, we will politely reschedule your appointment.

Social Distancing Remains Intact

Physically distancing from one another continues to be one of the best ways to avoid passing or contracting airborne diseases. While our waiting room is back open, we require patients to sit apart to minimize exposure.

Our staff will also take all efforts to distance from you whenever possible. We have workstation screens and breath guards in full effect when proximity to our doctors is necessary for the sake of an eye examination or treatment.

Thorough Cleaning

Even pre-pandemic, Access Eye prided itself on maintaining a highly sanitary environment. But of course, with the pandemic we have increased our efforts to disinfect everything, always cleaning our rooms between patients. Moving forward, we will continue with this practice so that you can be confident you are in a sterilized room with minimal risks.