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How to Put On Scleral Lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses Fredericksburg, VA
Scleral lenses are rigid gas permeable (RGP) and significantly larger than traditional contact lenses. The size and shape of these lenses allow them to rest against the sclera (the white, outer part of the eyeball) rather than atop the cornea. Patients who wear scleral lenses generally find them to be more...
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What Is a Cataract?

Cataract Surgeon Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania and King George |
If you are like most people, you may not give much thought to cataracts — at least not until they impact your own vision. However, because cataracts affect fully half the U.S. population age 80 and over, it is certainly worthwhile to know about them before they pose a problem. To...
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Wear Contact Lenses? Why You Should Always Have a Pair of Backup Glasses

Contact lenses Fredericksburg, VA
At Access Eye, we love to help our patients make the switch to contact lenses. Most people love the convenience, ease, comfort and invisibility that contacts afford. However, our optometrists still strongly recommend that patients who love their contact lenses keep a pair of glasses at home. These backup glasses offer...
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