Michele R. Mansouri, VP

Michele R. MansouriMichele R. Mansouri, a visionary leader and the driving force behind Access Eye’s remarkable growth and success, has been at the helm as Executive Director and Vice President for over two decades. Under her leadership, Access Eye has not only expanded its geographical footprint with three new locations but has also undergone significant transformations at its two flagship offices at Plank Road and Falmouth, enhancing the service experience for countless patients.

Michele’s strategic vision has led Access Eye to pioneer innovative services for eyecare in Fredericksburg, including the establishment of a dedicated refractive surgery center and a dedicated call center team, setting new standards for patient care and convenience. Furthermore, her introduction of patient self-scheduling has revolutionized the way appointments are made, offering unparalleled control and flexibility to patients.

Balancing the challenges and rewards of working alongside her husband, Dr. Arash Mansouri for two decades, Michele brings a unique blend of business acumen and marketing expertise to complement Dr. Mansouri’s clinical and surgical expertise. Together, they form an indomitable team, united in their commitment to delivering exceptional eyecare services.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Michele is deeply rooted in the Fredericksburg community, dedicating her time and energy to a variety of causes. Her notable contributions include her service with The Community Foundation, where she has played pivotal roles, including Board of Governors President and Vice President of The Women and Girls Board. Michele’s passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion has led her to serve on the foundation’s respective committee, and her support extends to organizations such as Empowerhouse, Friends of the Rappahannock, and The Doctor Yum Project.

Michele’s commitment to the community also shines through her involvement in arts and education, leading the rebranding efforts for Fredericksburg’s downtown museum and serving as its board president. Her efforts have positioned Access Eye as a leader in community eyecare outreach, providing essential services to those in need.

A champion for women’s rights and equality in the workplace, Michele has fostered a culture at Access Eye where compassion, talent, and a genuine desire to assist those with eyecare needs are paramount. Michele and Dr. Mansouri are proud parents of four adult children and reside in the Fredericksburg area. An avid reader, Michele finds joy in cycling, horseback riding, and cherishes any time spent at the beach, embodying a spirit of adventure and relaxation.

Michele Mansouri’s leadership at Access Eye is proof of her visionary approach, community commitment, and dedication to advancing eyecare services, making her an influential leader in both the professional and local community.