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How Your Eyes Change with Age, and When to See an Eye Doctor

Vision changes can be a normal part of aging but may also be a warning sign of a severe eye disease or condition. The risk of eye diseases increases with age, with cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma being the worst offenders. However, the blurry near vision starting around age 40 is expected […]

How UVA and UVB Rays from Sun Exposure Damage Your Eyes

Most people understand that they need to apply sunscreen to exposed skin every day before leaving the house, but it’s only when their eyes squint in the glaring sun that they remember the importance of sunglasses. However, UV light from the sun’s rays can do just as much ocular damage on a cloudy day as […]

How Amniotic Membranes Improve Eye Care for Corneal and Conjunctival Diseases

Human amniotic membranes are highly effective for mending chronic wounds that won’t heal and fail to respond to traditional treatments. These slivers of amniotic tissue taken from the placenta during elective cesarean sections have been used by the medical community for nearly a century, but only in the past decade have optometrists and other eye […]